What You Need To Know

Why Choose Us?

Total Package Business and Credit Solutions was established with the small business owners in mind. We understand the setbacks as a small business and we want to provide the small business owner top-quality services as a large corporation.

What are your services?

We currently provide Business Credit and Building Business Credit. We also provide Business Loans. Upcoming services in the near future are Small Business Consulting, Bookkeeping Services and Credit Optimization.

Why are certain services currently unavailable?

Great question! Some of the services are currently unavailable because we are currently undergoing certifications and accreditations. This is our way of providing small businesses top-notch service showing our credibility.

Do you plan to expand your service line?

Absolutely! Because Total Package Business and Credit Solutions is a newly formed business, we are constantly evaluating the need of small business owners. Be sure to subscribe on the homepage to stay informed.